The Houston-area economy added about 3,600 energy jobs through April, which represents a 56 percent increase during the same timeframe in 2013, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics.

Oil and gas-related jobs have grown to about 110,300 in the area that the federal government designates as the Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown region. That represents an increase from 104,300 jobs in April 2013. There was a hiring lull in the second half of 2013, but jobs are on the rise again.

Rigzone compiled a first quarter energy jobs report that showed the sector has added about 10,500 jobs nationally through March.

Rigzone President Paul Caplan said Texas has seen a 16 percent increase in job postings thus far this year compared to 2013. Rigzone has more than 1,700 Texas oil and gas jobs posted this month.

“The main story is that it’s still a very strong industry right now, especially in Houston and Texas,” Caplan said. “All the trends continue to uptick.”

The shale boom is continuing, he said, and the Gulf of Mexico rig counts are on the rise. The competition for quality talent among energy companies is continuing to grow, Caplan added.

One trend that is shifting, though, is where the energy jobs are being created.

Out of 2,300 Houston-area energy jobs created in the first four months of 2013, 1,500 of them came from the upstream, or oil and gas extraction sector, and the rest were in energy support activities.

Now, more growth is coming in support areas, such as oilfield services. Out of the 3,600 jobs added through April of this year, 2,700 are in support areas, according to the Labor Department data.

Caplan said many of the major oil companies are at the capitalization of their existing projects, while more service jobs are being added as projects move into their production phases.

SourcedĀ from on May 28th 2014.