Organizational Design

Organizational design allows companies to structure and align people and resources, ultimately deciding how the business will operate. OPTIMUS uses a step-by-step methodology as part of the organizational design process to help clients identify the right framework, principles and structure for their business. This, in turn, leads to improved teamwork, efficiency, and return on investment (ROI).


Evaluate the Organization

  • Evaluate the current state by assessing the strengths and weakness. Include: Current Strategy and Future Vision, Organizational Structure, Systems, Core Process, People , Culture
  • Review the organizations vision highlighting any competing priorities
  • Interview Key Stakeholders
  • Review of the three E’s: Efficiency, Economy and Effectiveness


Design for Success

  • Define and design the organizational design taking into account where the change is needed; at the higher level or at a lower level (business unit within a larger firm); at a function, process, customer type, technology, etc., while also taking into account the roles, design process and data and analytics
  • Define clear roles, accountabilities and workflows, linkages and KPI’s while determining redundancies, fragmentation and poor communication methods
  • Highlight roles and responsibilities as well as individual skill sets
  • Review the initial design with stakeholders along with the communication strategy


Success Factors

  • Clearly defined performance metrics
  • Continuously tracking performance against the plan
  • Goals are aligned with company actions with improved employee morale

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