Interim Leadership

Fast paced business environments often find themselves in need of major change within an aggressive time frame. Changes in government energy policies and company policies can benefit from an interim leader to help make the transition smooth while avoiding the highs and lows commonly experienced with such change.

Hiring interim leadership offers organizations more flexibility while benefiting from the injections of expertise and not disrupting the organizations’ hierarchies. With a goal-oriented mindset, the interim leader is focused on exceeding expectations. They often inspire others to raise their game and contributions to higher levels.


Reasons for Engaging Interim Leadership

  • A need for leadership through a major change or transition
  • Limited resources to add a permanent position
  • A need to fill the long-term absence of a key management member


Benefits of Hiring Interim Leadership

  • Availability: Finding an interim placement can happen much faster than hiring a permanent employee
  • Qualifications: Interim managers are often times over-qualified and bring a fresh perspective to the team
  • Cost-Effective: Interim managers/leaders can be hired for a specific time period or deliverable allowing clients a clear path to continue business as usual without causing any major disruptions

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