Optimus experts can help assess, select and install the best ETRM/CTRM software for your business’s current and future needs. Our Solutions team is comprised of multiple subject matter experts and leaders with profound front, middle and back office experience. The intense competition amongst vendors due to the growing cloud-based platforms and the need for systems to address changing market and regulatory environments has made this an ever more important decision.

Case Study - Reimplementation of Existing ETRM for IPP

Client: IPP

Challenge: IPP infrastructure was complicated and wrought with manual touchpoints, poor communication and limited ability for adequate reporting of the business:

  • Disparate systems with manual touch points
  • Non-standard naming conventions attributing to non-standard reporting
  • Legacy set of processes and controls that were mis-understood by new org
  • Confusing logic in middleware

Solution: Optimus worked with the organization to identify key business processes and identify a clean, more robust infrastructure. Key goals were identified and targeted:

  • Single source of truth for all reporting
  • Standardization of data foundation
  • Fully integrated ETRM including settlement and accounting data
  • Removal of spreadsheets and lack of controls where possible (i.e., implemented MarketView for all curve data)
  • Enhanced functional controls especially around trade data (improved trade verification tools and tracking)

Result: The client has improved end to end communication and reporting capabilities. All functional areas now have clear insight into data and reporting. The new infrastructure is a much improved control environment and much easier to support from both the business and technology.

Diagram 1

High Level Architecture prior to Re-Implementation

High Level Architecture prior to Re-Implementation

Diagram 2

Post Re-Implementation

Post Re-Implementation

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