Business Process Review

Conducting detailed business process reviews provides clarity around the responsibilities of each department as well as the integration between them. OPTIMUS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) use a structured process to help clients evaluate organizational effectiveness while gaining efficiencies and improving workflows.

Case Study

Client: Midstream Pipeline
Location: Houston, Texas

Challenge: A newly spun off midstream pipeline company was set to incur it’s first audit and felt strongly they needed to prepare walkthrough worthy documentation to support the newly formed business operations. The organization engaged Optimus to document the existing end to end business processes as well as to propose key recommendations for future state growth.

Additionally, the client wanted to ensure that the processes were designed to be scalable as more assets were acquired.

Solution: Optimus conducted deep dive interviews with all functional owners and key stakeholders to understand the business processes. As the interviews were conducted cross functionally, the team’s were able to identify where key processes were missing controls, being duplicated or even not being done.

Optimus worked with and provided each functional process owner a documented “As-Is” of the current operations that included identification of key and operational controls that both existed or were missing. Additionally, Optimus was able to highlight where process enhancements were needed.

Result: The resulting documentation was both internal and external “audit ready”. The business owners bought into the processes and were eager to build upon the work going forward as well as to utilize the final “business process binder” of all the business processes for training purposes with new hires. Optimus organized the business process flows and controls documentation in such a manner that the Controller was able to use on a go-forward basis for easy refresh prior to the next audit.

Diagram 1

Company R - Pipeline Logistics Process

Business Process Review:

As organizations change rapidly the need for efficiency and transparency grows. Having fit for purpose business processes allows a business to complete in an increasing disruptive marketplace by effectively evaluating organizational effectiveness, improve workflows, eliminate redundancies and gain efficiencies. They also allows for improved communications between employees engaged in a process and eliminates the challenges of limited process visibility.

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