Business Integration Support

Whether an acquisition or a complex inventory financing transaction, clients often find themselves in need of adding temporary resources to properly assess, execute and integrate a Trade Finance structured transaction into its existing business. Integrating a new business or transaction into the fold creates various challenges including potential changes to staff roles and responsibilities, changes required to existing systems and often changes to regulatory reporting.

Optimus experts bring to the table years of industry experience solving these exact challenges. Because of this experience and expertise, the ability to gain traction and get up to speed are fast tracked. Additionally, Optimus brings forward years of lessons learned and can quickly apply the fit for purpose solution to the client’s challenge, saving both time and money on the quest of rolling the newly integrated program to market.

Case Study

Client: IPP with CI
Location: Houston, Texas

Challenge: An existing Optimus client needed assistance in performing a due diligence effort in reviewing a potential acquisition. The existing clients portfolio consisted of power wholesale generation with some C&I but no residential business. The potential acquisition would be complimentary to the existing business giving a natural hedge using the residential business line. In addition to the natural complexity that exists in a residential energy business, the resourcing and system complexity is even more challenging.

Optimus was tasked with helping the client SME’s to understand the existing technology and business platforms in order to determine the level of effort and risk involved to integrate the two businesses, should the acquisition occur.

Solution: Optimus worked both the client and the potential acquisition to understand what the client would be bringing into it’s fold. To do this, Optimus performed a multitude of interviews, process documentation, heavy Q&A and ultimately an agreed plan on various phases to integrate should the client execute on the transaction.

Result: Ultimately, the client determined that the acquisition was likely not the right fit for the organization at this particular time. While the Optimus support and recommendations were not solely relied upon for this decision, they were an integral part of the whole decision process.

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Business Integration Support:

As organizations look to further expand their business by adding another complimentary business line, diversify in opportunity or even monetize current inventory for cash, these are all greatly impactful to an existing organization. The impacts are across all key elements of people, process and technology. To execute on such a drastic change in the most efficient and effective manner requires experienced resource capability to perform due diligence or build out the new technology to support an integrated business.

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We provide premier class “Fit For Purpose” Human Capital solutions to meet the needs of our clients. As a full-service provider of Human Capital integrated solutions, we offer experienced Strategic Consulting, Direct Hire Placement and Contract Staffing services.