Looking for a long term team member?

A hiring mistake can be costly. From Leadership to junior level Professionals, identifying the right talent for your organization can be challenging. Using a partner like Optimus who learns company culture and performance drivers and pairs that with a personalized assessment of talent ensures optimization of your long term hiring plans and minimizes operational risk of turnover. As we look to partner the client side of recruiting with the candidate side, we look to create more of an ROI on human capital spend.

Looking to solve a business, technology or people concern?

Work closely with the Optimus team and together we can identify scope, plan and set an execution path for a successful outcome. We partner with our clients to understand the three most important components of the challenges facing your team – people, process and technology. Optimus creates
nimble and lean “fit for purpose” consulting teams to help identify and/or address those challenges whether you are implementing or upgrading your technology, performing a full organizational team realignment or entering a new market or line of business.


Unsure of what the longer term organizational needs are but still need to get some work done?

Look to Optimus for professional and knowledgeable resources who can come in for the short term and keep the organization moving forward while the strategic plan is being formed or executed.


An Optimus client is one who cares about the quality and timeliness of how project delivery occurs as well as the people responsible for the delivery. Optimus partners with clients who are tired of over-paying for under-delivery.

Our clients are those who have previously had occurrences such as those below:

• “Gone live” with an ETRM/CTRM system only to realize it does not work as promised.

• Or, who have been left behind by a vendor who has moved onto another “bigger” client

• Payed high rates for inexperienced or ineffective resources

• Hired the wrong resources for the culture and have high turnover

• Outsourced for a less expensive solution only to realize the costs did not really decrease, only the quality did

• Struggled with hiring for a “crunch” but then struggled with budget once they were in an operational state

• Been in a state of change and are not sure how to put the right people, processes, and technology in place to operate efficiently

• Struggled with when to bring in a project team, a “one off” temporary resource, or a permanent hire

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