About Optimus

Built by a team who has decades of experience in energy trading and marketing, risk, operations and technology, OPTIMUS has first-hand knowledge of the industry players, cultures, and careers. Since 2004, OPTIMUS has built an organization that believes in excellent customer service, professionalism, and superior communication.

Our goal is to support and optimize the personal and professional development of our candidates, clients, and staff.

With the right contacts and connections, we facilitate a harmonious match between a candidate’s experience and professional goals, and an organization’s specialized needs. OPTIMUS provides permanent or consulting resources that not only “hit the ground running”, but allow the organization to be flexible during times of change.

OPTIMUS believes in the strength of relationships developed over time. While it takes effort to maintain these relationships, the end result is significantly more successful. This approach is not only better for employers, but also for the job seekers. It is not enough to know the details of one position. We want to understand the history and the nuances of the team as well.

OPTIMUS looks at each open position as a problem that needs to be solved. Adding the right person at the right time delivers real bottom-line value to the organization. Retaining that individual ensures year on-year return on investment. As a result, our performance indicators are tied to the success and longevity of the hire, leading with tenure and advancement within the clients organization. Our goals are directly aligned with both clients and candidates as a result.


We are honored to be continuously recognized for excellence in our business practices.

  • Featured in the Houston Business Journal- Energy Section in 2013
  • H Texas awarded Optimus Professionals on the Fast Track in 2009
  • H Texas awarded Optimus Houston’s Top Young Professionals on the Fast Track in 2007
  • Forbes magazine: Commodity Professionals-Turned- Recruiters
  • Named to Houston Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Women-owned businesses in
    Houston for four consecutive years in a row.

    • 8th out of 50 – 2007
    • 6th out of 50 – 2008
    • 16th out of 50 – 2009
    • 2nd out of 50 – 2010