Commodities Search

OPTIMUS is a leading search and recruitment firm specializing in the Commodities Trading & Risk Management sector. We focus on sourcing human capital for companies that succeed in the natural gas, power, petroleum, metals and agribusiness space.


Our strength comes from the specialized backgrounds of our executive management team who brings extensive experience as senior leadership in the energy trading and marketing industry. The breadth of their experience includes management roles in front, middle, and back office and related technology.


Whether you are looking to augment expertise on your existing desk or expand into a new area, OPTIMUS is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. OPTIMUS believes in building long-term relationships based on consistent and successful delivery, year on year. Although based in Texas, OPTIMUS serves an international client base and has demonstrated success in Europe and Asia, in addition to North America. OPTIMUS can help you build a team with the right mix of skills, experience and “culture fit” to give your commodity trading and marketing operations a tremendous advantage.